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# Prosody Clients Connects/Disconnects
Is a plugin for the monitoring software [Munin]( to monitor a [Prosody]( XMPP server.
The plugins monitors clients connecting and disconnecting to or from the server.
Here's an example how how this plugin works: [Prosody Clients Connects/Disconnects statistics for](
## Installation and configuration
It is very simple to install this plugin.
Create symlink:
`ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/loggrep /etc/munin/plugins/loggrep_prosodyclients`
Create a file */etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/munin-node/loggrep_prosodyclients* and put the following into it:
user root
env.regex_connected Client connected
env.label_connected connected
env.regex_connectedbosh New BOSH session
env.label_connectedbosh connected BOSH
env.regex_disconnectedconnectionclosed Client disconnected: connection closed
env.label_disconnectedconnectionclosed disc connection closed
env.regex_disconnectedclosed Client disconnected: closed
env.label_disconnectedclosed disc closed
env.regex_disconnectedtlsv1 Client disconnected: tlsv1 alert internal error
env.label_disconnectedtlsv1 disc tlsv1 alert
env.regex_disconnectedtimeouthandshake Client disconnected: timeout during handshake
env.label_disconnectedtimeouthandshake disc timeout handshake
env.regex_disconnectedtimeoutreceiving Client disconnected: timeout during receiving
env.label_disconnectedtimeoutreceiving disc timeout receiving
env.regex_disconnectedwrongversion Client disconnected: wrong version number
env.label_disconnectedwrongversion disc wrong version
env.regex_disconnectedunknownprotocol Client disconnected: unknown protocol
env.label_disconnectedunknownprotocol disc unknown proto
env.regex_disconnectednosharedcipher Client disconnected: no shared cipher
env.label_disconnectednosharedcipher disc no shared cipher
env.regex_disconnectednoroutetohost Client disconnected: No route to host
env.label_disconnectednoroutetohost disc no route to host
env.regex_disconnecteddecryptionfailed Client disconnected: decryption failed or bad record mac
env.label_disconnecteddecryptionfailed disc decrypt failed
env.regex_disconnectedbosh BOSH client disconnected
env.label_disconnectedbosh disc BOSH
env.logfile /var/log/prosody/prosody.log
env.title Prosody Client Connects-Disconnects
Now you need to restart munin-node:
`/etc/init.d/munin-node restart`
That's it. Enjoy!