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Power Meter with SML

Read data from a power meter (eHZ = Elektronischer Haushaltszähler) using Smart Message Language (SML).

First of all you need is a eHZ (Elektronischer Haushaltszähler) and an IrDA USB dongle like described here. I got mine from Udo (Volkszaehler) some time ago but it looks like he is not directly selling these anymore. What I found is this link to a shop selling same dongles.

I used several information from the openHAB community, mainly from this topic.

You need to get, modify and compile libsml from Github liked described here. I included my version of sml_server.c here as it differs a bit.

  • sml.items: Put this file into your /etc/openhab2/items.
  • sml.rules: Put this file into your /etc/openhab2/rules directory and modify it for your specific setup. In my case the compiled sml_server is in /home/openhabian/src/libsml/examples. You also might need to adjust the device name, in my case it is: /dev/ttyUSB0
  • sml_server.c: Put this file into the libsml subdirectory src/libsml/examples and compile libsml with this file, not the original one.