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Heating rules

Some heating rules, based on a time schedule, presence and TV status.

I use HomeMatic controls for our heating devices. These example rule only covers one of six HomeMatic controls. Also the time schedule is just an example. You can add as many on and off timers as you like.

The rules also check if someone is at home (I use presence detection by wifi, setup see here in the repository) and if the TV in the living room is (still) on or already turned off. If nobody is at home when the heating time period starts, it will not adjust the temperature setting and wait until someone returns home during the heating time period. Also if everybody leaves home during the heating time period the temperature is lowered to the off-temperature.

Btw: With HomeMatic devices it does not make much sense in my eyes to turn off the heaters, so I just lower the temperature to a basic temperature which I want inside all the time, even if there is nobody at home or in the room.

  • heizungen.rules: Put this file into your /etc/openhab2/rules directory and modify it for your specific setup.