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String USV_Log "kompletter Inhalt des Logs [%s]" { channel="exec:command:a1b2c3d4:output" }
String USV_Status "USV Status [MAP(]"
Number USV_Load "USV Load [%.1f %%]"
Number USV_BattCharge "USV Battery Charge [%.1f %%]"
Number USV_TimeLeft "USV Time Left [%.1f Minuten]"
Number USV_BattVoltage "USV Battery Volts [%.1f V]"
Number USV_LineV "USV Input Volts [%.1f V]"
Number USV_OutputV "USV Output Volts [%.1f V]"
Number USV_ITemp "USV Temperatur [%.1f °C]"
String USV_BattDate "USV Battery Date [%s]"